Peterhouse Christian Union
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Each week we meet as a College Group, and with Christians across the University.

College Group

Our main meeting of the week takes place Wednesdays at 8:45pm in H1. This is a friendly meeting of Christians from all sorts of backgrounds, usually including a Bible study, prayer for each other and encouraging one another.

Prayer Meetings

Every friday at 8am we meet in the I6, Gisborne court to pray for each other, friends, our college and any CICCU events happening in the week. We have breakfast and hot drinks while praying and finish in time for 9am lectures!

CICCU Events

Inter-college events include CICCU central on a Saturday evening, prayer meetings Monday to Thursday and Friday Lunchtime talks. More information can be found on the CICCU website.

Get Involved

We'd love for you to meet us and see what we're about!

  • Pre-Michaelmas

    Freshers Getaway

    There is a freshers getaway that runs each year hosted by CICCU -a fantastic opportunity to meet other freshers coming to Cambridge not to mention some older years too! This coming year's getaway wil be at the end of September


    As a college group, the non-freshers go away together too, camping over a weekend at Radwell mill campsite.

  • Weekly


    Join us for our regular College Group meeting, for prayer meetings, or for inter-collegiate events throughout the week. More information can be found here, or by sending us a message.

  • Termly


    Each term we host evangelistic and social events for the college, to invite people to explore our faith, show who Jesus is and to become closer as a college.

  • Every Day


    All we do is through God's power and so one of the best ways you can help us is through prayer. Whether we are together or apart, our God will always hear us!

  • Drop
    us an

Meet us!

Our lovely reps.

Jonathan Van Es

College Rep


Will Peirce

College Rep


Feel free to get in contact with any of us to find out more!

The College Group.

The college group camping trip we went on in September

Contact Us

If you'd like to get in touch, don't hesitate to send us a message.